Frequently Asked Questions about
sed, the stream editor version 014* Fri, 28 Apr 2000

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1.1. Introduction - How this FAQ is organized
1.2. Latest version of the sed FAQ
1.3. FAQ revision information
1.4. How do I add a question/answer to the sed FAQ?
1.5. FAQ abbreviations
1.6. Credits and acknowledgements
1.7. Standard disclaimers

2.1. What is sed?
2.2. What versions of sed are there, and where can I get them?

2.2.1. Free versions Unix platforms OS/2 Microsoft Windows (Win3x, Win9x, WinNT, Win2K) MS-DOS CP/M

2.2.2. Shareware and Commercial versions Unix platforms OS/2 Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 MS-DOS

2.3. Where can I learn to use sed?

2.3.1. Books
2.3.2. Mailing list
2.3.3. Tutorials, electronic text
2.3.4. General web and ftp sites