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3.1. detailed explanation of basic sed
3.2. one-line scripts. How do I . . . ?
- double/triple-space a file?
- convert DOS/Unix newlines?
- delete leading/trailing spaces?
- do substitutions on all/certain lines?
- delete consecutive blank lines?
- delete blank lines at the top/end of the file?
3.3. Addressing and address ranges
3.6. Notes about s2p, the sed-to-perl translator
3.7. GNU/POSIX extensions to regular expressions
4.1. perform a case-insensitive search?
4.2. make changes in only part of a file?
4.3. change only the first occurrence of a pattern?
4.4. make substitutions in every file in a directory, or in a complete directory tree?
4.4.1 - Perl solution , 4.4.2 - Unix solution , 4.4.3 - DOS solution

4.5. parse a comma-delimited data file
4.6. insert a newline into the RHS of a substitution
4.7. represent control-codes or non-printable characters
4.8. read environment variables
4.8.1. - on Unix platforms
4.8.2. - on MS-DOS or 4DOS platforms

4.9. export or pass variables back into the environment
4.9.1. - on Unix platforms
4.9.2. - on MS-DOS or 4DOS platforms
4.10. handling shell quoting
4.11. delete a block of text if the block contains a certain regular expression
4.12. locate/print a paragraph of text if the paragraph contains a certain regular expression
4.13. delete a block of _specific_ consecutive lines
4.14. read (insert/add) a file at the top of a textfile
4.15. address all the lines between RE1 and RE2, excluding the lines themselves
4.16. replace "/some/UNIX/path" in a substitution
4.17. replace "C:\SOME\DOS\PATH" in a substitution
4.18. convert files with toggle characters, like +this+, to look like [i]this[/i]
4.19. delete only the first occurrence of a pattern
4.20. commify a string of numbers

5.1. Why don't variables like $var get expanded in scripts?
5.2. using 'p' to print produces duplicate lines sometimes.
5.3. DOS version quit prematurely?
5.4. RE isn't matching/deleting as expected.
(Or, "Greedy vs. stingy pattern matching")
5.5. What is CSDPMI*B.ZIP ?
5.6. Where are the man pages for GNU?
5.7. Displaying version
5.8. exit code
5.9. The 'r' command isn't inserting the file into the text.
5.10. matching or deleteing a newline using the \n escape sequence? Matching 2 or more lines using \n?
5.11. aborts with an error message, "event not found".

6.1. Where can I get help?
6.2. compare with awk, perl, and other utilities?
6.3. When to use sed?
6.4. & when NOT?
6.5. use Awk or Perl instead?
6.6. limitations
6.7. bugs
6.8. incompatibilities between versions

6.8.1. Issuing commands from the command line
6.8.2. Using comments (prefixed by the '#' sign)
6.8.3. Special syntax in REs
6.8.4. Word boundaries
6.8.5. Range addressing with GNU sed and HHsed
6.8.6. Commands which operate differently |