onion package manager

opkg -h

opkg [options…] sub-command [arguments]]

Must have one sub-command argument

Informational Commands:
    list                    available packages
 10/02/23 D594
 opkg list-upgradable
wget - 1.19.5-4 - 1.19.5-6
base-files - 192-r0 - 192-r0+7500-4681cff766
wifi-warp-core - 0.1.0-1 - 0.1.2-1
omega2-base - 1.0.0-2 - 1.0.1-2
onion-script - 0.3-8 - 0.4-1
ethernet-mode - 0.3-8 - 0.4-1
oupgrade - 0.4-1 - 0.4-3

    list-changed-conffiles  user modified configuration files

 10/02/23 D594
 opkg list-changed-conffiles

cp .. ~/priorxxx

files pkg            belonging to pkg
search file|regexp        package providing file
find regexp          packages whose name or description matches regexp
info [pkg|regexp]       Display all info for pkg
status [pkg|regexp]     Display all status for pkg
download pkg             Download pkg to current directory
compare-versions v1 op v2
                compare versions using =   = =  
print-architecture  List installable package architectures
depends                [-A] [pkgname|pat]+
whatdepends     [-A] [pkgname|pat]+
whatdependsrec  [-A] [pkgname|pat]+
whatrecommends  [-A] [pkgname|pat]+
whatsuggests    [-A] [pkgname|pat]+
whatprovides    [-A] [pkgname|pat]+
whatconflicts   [-A] [pkgname|pat]+
whatreplaces    [-A] [pkgname|pat]+

Package Manipulation:
    update                       Update list of available packages
    upgrade pkgs      Upgrade packages

root@Omega-D594:~# opkg -V2 upgrade wget
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf.
pkg_info_preinstall_check: Updating file owner list.
pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: 2 matching pkgs for apkg=wget:
pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: wget 1.19.5 mipsel_24kc
pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: wget 1.19.5 mipsel_24kc
Upgrading wget on root from 1.19.5-4 to 1.19.5-6...
Downloading http://repo.onioniot.com/omega2/packages/packages/wget_1.19.5-6_mipsel_24kc.ipk
pkg_remove_orphan_dependent: libc was autoinstalled and is still required by 294 installed packages.
pkg_remove_orphan_dependent: libpcre was autoinstalled and is still required by 1 installed packages.
pkg_remove_orphan_dependent: zlib was autoinstalled and is still required by 15 installed packages.
pkg_run_script: Running script //usr/lib/opkg/info/wget.prerm.
pkg_run_script: Running script /tmp/opkg-EBLLha/wget-KfLcGB/preinst.
pkg_run_script: Running script //usr/lib/opkg/info/wget.postrm.

opkg_install_pkg: Removing obsolesced files for wget
remove_maintainer_scripts: Deleting /usr/lib/opkg/info/wget.control.
remove_maintainer_scripts: Deleting /usr/lib/opkg/info/wget.prerm.

opkg_install_pkg: Upgrading maintainer scripts.

opkg_install_pkg: Installing data files for wget.
install_data_files: Extracting data files to /.
pkg_write_filelist: Creating //usr/lib/opkg/info/wget.list file for pkg wget.
opkg_install_pkg: Resolving conf files for wget
opkg_configure_packages: Configuring unpacked packages.
opkg_configure_packages: Reordering packages before configuring them...
Configuring wget.
pkg_run_script: Running script //usr/lib/opkg/info/wget.postinst.
write_status_files_if_changed: Writing status file.
pkg_write_changed_filelists: Saving changed filelists.

wget --version
GNU Wget 1.19.5 built on linux-gnu. and muchmuch more …

    configure pkgs    Configure unpacked package(s)
    install pkgs      Install package(s)
    remove pkgs|regexp    Remove package(s)
    flag flag pkgs  Flag package(s)
     flag=hold|noprune|user|ok|installed|unpacked (one per invocation)

    -A          Query all packages not just those installed
    -V[level]`     Set verbosity level to level.
    --verbosity[=level]   Verbosity levels:
                    0 errors only                    3 debug
                    1 normal messages (default)      4 debug level 2
                    2 informative messages

    --nocase        case insensitive pattern matching
    --size          output package size when listing available packages

    --noaction              No action -- test only
    --download-only         No action -- download only 

    -f ,
--conf conf_file --cache directory Use a package cache -d dest_name Use dest_name as the the root directory for --dest dest_name package installation, removal, upgrading. dest_name should be a defined dest name from the configuration file, can be a directory name -o dir Use dir as the root directory for --offline-root dir offline installation of packages. --add-arch arch:prio Register architecture with given priority --add-dest name:path Register destination with given path Force Options: --force-depends Install/remove despite failed dependencies --force-maintainer Overwrite preexisting config files --force-reinstall Reinstall package(s) --force-overwrite Overwrite files from other package(s) --force-downgrade Allow opkg to downgrade packages --force-space Disable free space checks --force-postinstall Run postinstall scripts even in offline mode --force-remove Remove package even if prerm script fails --force-checksum Don't fail on checksum mismatches --no-check-certificate Don't validate SSL certificates --nodeps Do not follow dependencies --force-removal-of-dependent-packages Remove package and all dependencies --autoremove Remove packages that were installed automatically to satisfy dependencies -t dir,
--tmp-dir tmp-dir. -l dir,
--lists-dir lists-dir. regexp could be something like 'pkgname*' '*file*' or similar e.g. opkg info 'libstd*' or opkg search '*libop*' or opkg remove 'libncur*' root@Omega-D594:/etc#