Bash Reference Manual

      Taken from man pages but reworded, rearranged and examples to make it so even I can see how to do something with bash!

  • Executing Commands
  • Scripts
  • Features
  • Bash Features
  • Job Control
  • Using History Interactively
  • Command Line Editing

  • Reporting Bugs
  • Builtin Commands
  • Reserved Words
  • Parameter and Variable
  • Functions
  • Concepts

  • Builtin Commands

    . : [ alias bg bind break builtin cd command continue declare dirs disown echo enable eval exec exit export fc fg getopts hash help history jobs kill let local logout popd printf pushd pwd read readonly return set shift shopt source suspend test times trap type typeset ulimit umask unalias unset wait

    Reserved Words

    ! [[ ]] case esac do done if then fi elif else for function in select time until while { }

  • Installing Bash

    DGG made this nice stuff from, what is now, and old version of the docs.

    See also short TOC
    for Edition 2.5b, last updated 15 July 2002, of The GNU Bash Reference Manual, for Bash, Version 2.05b. or H:\cygwin one big mess ie is slow to get around

    cygwin 2.05b.0(8)-release BASH_VERSION=1.14.7(1)

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