The Solarbotics Ardweeny

Mr. Kimio Kosaka's "One-Chip-Arduino" project ( O'baka ) inspired us to develop the Ardweeny; the smallest Arduino you can build yourself with through-hole components!

The PCB is designed to house all the support electronics to turn a standard ATmega8/128/328 into an Arduino-compatible with the addition of an FTDI adapter (similar to our TTLyFTDI or SparkFUn FTDI Basic Breakout -

The point of this project is to let a user with multiple Arduino projects have an inexpensive, quick-to-build Arduino Duemilanove clone by removing the expensive & reusable USB FTDI components.

All our designs are done in Altium Summer '09, which (although expensive) is a superb PCB/Schematic layout suite. We are victims of the 20/80 rule, where we use 20% of the capability of this software 80% of the time. Still, we've also included the output Gerber files, which are usually importable into any PCB editor of any decent quality.

Upon request, we can also generate PDF copies of the gerber layers for further cross-platform translations.

The board is designed to be manufactured out of standard 0.062" FR4 material, double-sided. You can find full construction details in the documentation in the "resources" section of the product page.

This project is released under a Open Source Hardware License 1.1, Attribution/Share-alike (