2100 Letter like Symbols


℀ Account of

℁ addressed to the Subject

ℂ C dbl

℃ degree C

℄ CenterLine

℅ Care/Of

℆ cada una

ℇ Euler's constant

℈ scruple

20 grains, 1.296 grams
℉ degree F

ℊ real number

ℋ Hamiltonian operator

ℌ Hilbert space

ℍ H dbl

ℎ Plank's Constant

ℏ Plank's Constant
    over 2 Pi

ℐ script Capital I

ℑ imaginary part

ℒ Laplace Transform

ℓ mathmatical "ell" ( 006C1 prefered for liter

℔ L B BAR; pounds
ℕ natural number

№ Numero

℗ published; phonorecord

℘ Weierstrass Elliptic function

ℙ P dbl

ℚ set of rational numbers

ℛ Riemann Integral

ℜ real part

ℝ set of real numbers

℞ Prescription Take; recipe; cross ratio

℟ Response

℠ Service Mark i

℡ Telephone

™ Trade Mark

℣ Versicle

ℤ set of integers

℥ ounce

Ω Ohm prefered: 03A9

℧ Mho conductance (see siemens)

ℨ Black-Letter Z

℩ unique element fulfilling a desctiprion

K Kelvin

Å Angstrom

ℬ Bernoulli Function

ℭ Black-Letter C

℮ Estimated European

ℯ error; natural exponent


ℱ Fourier Transform

Ⅎ turned F

ℳ M-matrix;
German Mark
   not Deutsche Mark

ℴ order;
inferior order to

ℵ alef ;
first transfinite

ℶ bet;
second transfinite

ℷ gimel;
third transfinite

ℸ dalet;
forth transfinite
ℹ information Source
use with 20DD

℺ a bindng signature

℻ Faximile

ℼ pi dbl

ℽ gamma dbl


ℿ PI dbl

⅀n‑ary summation

⅁ game

⅂ turned L

⅃ reversed L

⅄ turned Y



ⅇ natural exponent

ⅈ imaginary unit

ⅉ imaginary unit

⅊ Property Line

⅋ turned ampersand

Per not @ OSX

A/S (?) 214D

turned F(?) 214E