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leucistic Robin

Seen at At Becker Tract

Dave Hall is sure he sees ,,,,,, well something
During the spring and early summer of 2013, we had an Screch Owl family in the box in our back yeard.
On June 5th I went on to the porch, and the young owlet had managed to get through the hole in the screen and was perched up on the top of the screen door!
Here's me helping him out.
(listen for the clicking.)
Although I held him up at the box, he flew to the ground
Very shortly the 2 adults arrived and called to it!
It eventually flew under the camper! 
Schreech Owl
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3rd Weekly Woodcock Watch
( W W W )
get it?
At Becker Tract

 Gagle of 6 (really. 
 The British guy is blocked by Nancy, 
 and then there's me)

Check back, after the "Gagle of 6" (or at least some of them ) go out again
and I'll have more pictures.

Becker Tract, Roseland Hatfield Swamp
Troy Meadows
Eagle sight

Great Piece Meadows
Another WildLifePreserves area, The best access to Great Piece Meadows is via Park Ave, a side street off of Horseneck Road in Fairfield, close to an I- 80 overpass and a local taxidermy shop. Follow Park Ave to its end (including a sharp left turn) and park on the broad grassy area to the left side of the street when you see a metal gate blocking the road. Only hunters with Gun Club membership have keys to open the gate. But you are welcome to hike in on this road, which leads to a broad open meadow on both sides of the road. Trails lead off to the left side of that road, but may take you into hunting zones, so be mindful if anyone else is present. Wear blaze orange if you have some. Hunting follows rules of the hunt club in ALL seasons, so do be careful and respectful of the rights of the hunters.

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