Minutes of Garden State Audubon Council

Spring Meeting
at Cattus Island

Garden State Audubon Council March 13, 2005

Present: Carol Baligh, Eric Stiles, Dave Pardoe, Pat Sziber, Ed Bristow, Alan Martens, Joe Pylka, Nancy Hall, David Hall


NAS Report

Report on national legislative issues from Catherine Grant was discussed. National policy issues were discussed. Catherineís latest report (109th Congress Legislative Outlook) is available HERE . She has left NAS, and was unable to attend the meeting.

Dave Pardoe gave a report on what is happening with the board of NAS. Safety net payment to chapters will continue this year. The hope is that the same funds will be available every year. Limited grant money also will be made available to each state and divided up for special programs. State assemblies were discussed (annual meeting of all chapter board members). GSAC could organize larger meetings for NJ chapters. Regional meetings are not likely to happen for a lack of personnel to organize them.

NJAS Report

Eric Stiles gave the NJAS report. Ted Korth & Kathy Bird are now based at NJASís Trenton Advocacy Center (609-392-1181). NJ DEP has a state-wide Landscape Map showing critical habitat areas and the protected areas, accessible online from their website. New regulations will change the way critical habitat areas will be protected. The State Endangered Species program funding legislation has passed the Senate, currently in the Assembly and has Governorís support.

Proposed amendments to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 were presented. Position paper on windpower was handed out (see GSAC website for more information). There are issues on the impact on wildlife, but more severe impacts to the environment may result from not using wind for generating electrical power. There will be a workshop for wind and wildlife in Princeton on May 4. Eric offered to get a few invitations for members of GSAC. Anyone interested in attending should e-mail him.

NJAS is taking a stand in favor of a focused deer hunt to reduce the standing herd in the state. Damage to the understory plants is so severe that many bird species are in decline for lack of cover or food. Watch the news for details.


Election for officers was held. Carol agreed to stay on as Treasurer for one more year, completing her term. Nancy Hall agreed to continue as Secretary for a new 2 year term. Pat Sziber agreed to be Vice President for a new 2 year term. Vote was unanimous.


Discussion took place on providing a donation for the IBBA. There will be matching funds available to NJAS from the state. Motion made by Ed Bristow to donate $2500 now and $2500 in the first week of May. [Delay on 2nd amount is to wait until our bank CD matures]. Motion was seconded by Joe Pylka. Motion passed unanimously.

Update on IBBA: Eric provided an update on the status of the IBBA program. Goal is maintaining populations. Map of IBA nomination locations was displayed. Over 150 sites have been nominated. A rolling deadline to accept new nominations will close soon, when the technical committee meets to rule on which nominations have been accepted.

Next meeting June 18 at Forsythe Refuge.

Chapter Reports were given.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Hall
Secretary, GSAC