Minutes of Garden State Audubon Council

Autumn meeting

Garden State Audubon Council September 18, 2004

Attendees: David Hall (BCAS), Nancy Hall (BCAS), Dennis German, Ken Witkowski (BCAS), Pat Sziber (WCAS), Joe Pelka (WCAS), Jennifer Mattice (NJAS), Kathy Fleming (NJAS), Catherine Grant (NAS)

No quorum present.

Treasurer's Report presented. $11,500 in bank. Many chapters have not paid dues for 2004.

Presentation by Kathy Fleming (Mapping specialist) on IBBA on use of mapping for bird conservation.

Catherine Grant from NAS: IBBA will drive conservation policy through more scientific methods to identify habitat to protect and manage. She gave an update on legislative issues in the current session of Congress. NJ Reps Frelinghuysen and Rothman important for funding for habitat acquisition.

Jennifer Mattice presentation on IBBA. NJ mission: to affect the long-term protection of habitat for birds. This is a science-based project. Determine NJ responsibities. Currently in the phase of grassroots nomination process for sites in NJ. Looking to do regional events to gain publicity for the sites. Two categories: Important Bird Area and Important Birding Area with separate process for nomination.

After sites are determined people are asked to participate in conservation activities for those areas. IBA data will be integrated into environmental policy. Goal is to affect laws. NJDEP is integrating IBBA into the Landscape Project mapping and its official comprehensive wildlife plan. Landscape Project used as sole source of wildlife info for land acquisition, regulatory review, management of state lands and landowner incentive programs.

Discussion of how to get people involved in the nomination process. Some suggestions included a preliminary form to get started and who else is interested in the same sites. Need to know what areas in the state have been nominated already and which still are needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Hall
Secretary, GSAC