Minutes of Garden State Audubon Council

Report for January 24, 2004 meeting
(Oct. – Dec. 2003)


• This report ( in PDF format) can be downloaded from our Website:GSAC_0401.


• In spite of a loss of funding from NAS, the increase in chapter-only members,both regular and “sustaining” (higher financial support), is helping to keep MCASmore or less financially stable.

• Our Treasurer, Howard Mason, discovered an insurer in California who offers anaffordable liability for Chapters. They also offer D&O insurance that Howard islooking into. The company is R.V. Nuccio & Associates. More information canbe found at www.rvnuccio.com.


• At a special meeting June 18, the Executive Committee of MCAS agreed toofficially support the “Take Back Audubon” movement. An article explaining thesituation and the movement appeared in our August/September newsletter, andproxy ballots were included in the October/November issue. A total of 57 proxyforms were collected by MCAS, a disappointing total from a chapter with over1,000 members. We continue to support the goals of Take Back Audubon and willmonitor the developments in the relationship between Chapters and NAS.

Audubon Adventures

• In spite of a loss of secure funding, our Exec Committee voted to continue to fundas many Audubon Adventures classrooms as express an interest.


• Chapter-only and “Chapter Sustaining” memberships continue to increase.

• In November, MCAS participated in a “Customer Appreciation Day” at the newWild Birds Unlimited store in Middletown. Answered questions, handed outliterature, etc.

• Participation in a similar “members day” at Eastern Mountain Sports inEatontown in December was cancelled due to bad weather.


• MCAS continues to support and endorse local conservation issues, but as wehave no Conservation Chairman, there is currently no organized conservationprograms in place.

Field Trips

• We sponsor at least one field trip per month. We have also initiated a series of“beginner birding” trips geared toward families and young people, and several“members-only” field trips with special leaders.• In February we will participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count by setting upcounts at Huber Woods and the Manasquan Reservoir, both part of MonmouthCounty Park system. The public is invited to help us count birds and/or drop offtheir own GBBC checklists. This is our third year of participation in this event.


We continue to offer one program per month September through May. Recent programsincluded:
  • September: “The Tongass: Alaska’s Rain Forest”The speaker from the Alaska Coalition was awful. He was late, completelyunprepared and had no knowledge of his topic or his organization. People actuallywalked out. A letter to the Alaska Coalition headquarters confirmed that the NJrepresentative had been dismissed.
  • October: Bill Scholtz, “Birds of Midway Atoll”A very interesting photo essay of an unusual and historic island.
  • November: Dale Rosselet, NJAS, “Preserving Oases Along the Flyway”Fascinating look at the importance of even small islands of habitat in suburbia.
  • December: Holiday SocialSeveral camera clubs and photographers displayed photography for sale, andSHBO brought gift items to sell. VP Bob Henschel was the emcee for a birdingand Monmouth County trivia quiz. Great fun!
  • January: “Forum: Land Conservation and Acquisition in Monmouth County”Monmouth Conservation Foundation and Mon. Cty. Park System each presentedinfo on steps being taken to conserve parcels of land in the county. This wasfollowed by a question-and-answer period.

Newsletter / Publications

We continue to publish 6 times per year. Recent features include ongoingcoverage of the Take Back Audubon movement, and a plea for volunteers.Newsletter received a minor facelift in January ’04.

We continue to distribute a color version of our newsletter online. OurYahoo!groups newsletter notification system has been expanded to include newsof upcoming events, conservation notes, etc.

For the third year we have published our annual “Programs and Field Trips”pamphlet and offer a printed version free. It is also downloadable from theWebsite. Printing for the pamphlet was donated by

We have published a brand new, full color membership pamphlet. Localphotographers Chris Davidson and John Temple donated use of the photography,and Advanced Printing in Garwood donated the printing.