Stop autoIndent

Deleting lines matching a pattern within a range:
Example from here to the end , lines containing column heading

    item    matches         equivalent 
    \a alphabetic characters.  /[a-zA-Z]
    \d  digit           [0-9]
    \D  non-digit       [^0-9]
    \x  hex digit       [0-9a-fA-F]
    \X  non-hex digit   [^0-9a-fA-F]
    \s  white space     [   ]     (Tab and Space)
    \S  non-white characters    [^  ]     (not Tab and Space)
    \l  lowercase alpha     [a-z]
    \L  non-lowercase alpha [^a-z]
    \u  uppercase alpha     [A-Z]
    \U  non-uppercase alpha [^A-Z]

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