Survey: has S.M.A.R.T. helped you anticipate a failure?
You have most likely arrived here because you have had a disk failure!

SMART is an industry standard ATA specification that has been inplace since 1995 and is intended to predict the need to replace a disk drive or at the very least notify you that the disk may be in trouble.

It has been my experience, with several failures, that SMART is very pretty but has not notified me of impending doom.

Please let us know your experience. After you complete the survey, the results so far will be displayed.

Thank you for your participation.

I started this just for us and I am not associated with any manufacturer etc.

Country State
Manufacuter  model  size  drive age(months) 
System usage:  desktop laptop server
work home 
Failure: failed  not yet
Failure type: death   noise  Isolated read error 
Recoverable: Nope yes used:
Did you get a notification from SMART before failure: nope Yes 
Did you have a backup of the data? nope Yes 
What backup program do you use? 
How often do you backup?(be honest) 
Is the backup automated? nope Yes 
Were you able to sucessfully restore from the backup nope Yes 
Do you consider yourself: Expert    Knowledgable    Technical    Luddite   
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