aptitude package manager

package list display:
idA     libsmbclient     -2220kB 3.0.25a-1  3.0.25a-2
||`----Automatic installed because of dependency
|`---action install reinstall upgrade hold Broken purge delete Forbidden
`-state   installed virtual configFiles present only  broken unpacked Configured 1/2 Half-installed  Error

screen back forward         ^b  ^f
first package in list;      ^a  ^e end
parent                      ^
expand/colapse              enter 
expand group                [
colapse                      ]
activate menu               ^t
previous/next tab           F7 /F6

search,  back                / , \
next (reverse direction)     n N
limit display                l

broken packages              b
versions                     v
dependent on, of             r , d

forget list of NEW packages  f
packageInfo area 
      scroll up|down        a|z 
    cycle                    i

dependency solutions:  , . previous next
                        < > first last
resolver:  approve rejext  a r

update list                         u
mark all upgradable to be upgraded  G
perform pending install, remove...  g
install/upgrade | remove            + | -
purge                               _
hold |  hold and stop upgrades      :  | =
reinstall                           L
Mark as manual install | not manual(i.e. auto)  m | M
Forbid auto upgrade                 F
view Changelog                      C

Undo last action                   ^u