Becker Park

Centerville & SouthWestern Railroad

“The fresh milk line”

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In 1880, August Becker started a dairy farm with 50 acres. It grew to a 120-acres in what became Roseland. Half of Becker park's 147 acres is comprised of this farm. A small gauge railroad, the Centerville and Southwestern, delighted children and adults from 1940 to 1972. Most of the railroad were moved to the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians Museum in Phillipsburg, NJ where it can be seen today.

The entrance is south of where Foulertons Brook crosses Eagle Rock avenue at Locust Avenue.

Located between Eagle Rock Avenue and Interstate 280.

Together with Riker Hill Art Park and Kiddie Dinosaur Park, form the Riker Hill Complex.


 Topo map 40.8155 -74.3207

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